We take the THL T200 mobile phone as an example, a new smartphone installed with MTK6592 CPU, has many new amazing functions. Today we are here to show you how to use the NFC briefly.

Introduction: NFC (Near field communication ) is a radio communication technology available in short distance(≤0.1m), which allows electronic devices exchange data without touch.

What you need:

1. Download the NFC software: download,

2. NFC chip, called a “tag”

How to use:

1. Install the software, and open it

2. Get close to the NFC chip,  then set the name of “tag”

3. when you come to the  “tag” page, click the button to set a task
THL T200
4. Click “Intent”

5. Launch an APP

6. Choose the “Calender” or any other APPs you prefer
THL T200
All setting has been done..

7. Check the setting:

When you wanna use the function, approach the NFC chip, and you will get a window “Choose an action”, Click the name of the software, then you open the “Calender”.
THL T200
This is a brief example of the NFC setting and usage, you can choose the Apps which do most good to you.

One NFC tag only with one function to one phone, while you could use different phone to set different functions with one NFC chip.

Get this awesome THL smartphone, and enjoy this practical function.