Thl Android Mobile Phone Online Store 12 Month Warranty:

 In normal use of the onda product, the customer enjoy 12 month guarantee service. 12 month warranty applies only to the normal use of the onda product,This 12 month warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or modification of the  product. Returns Policy

Electronics purchased from and most sellers are easily returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. These items must be in new condition with original packaging and accessories. Products missing the serial number or UPC cannot be accepted; refunds will not be issued for such items. However, please make sure that the package meets the following requirements: First, the product hasn’t been used, quality problems not included. Furthermore, there is no quality problem due to abuse or misuse. What’s more, the accessories and outer package are intact.

Products that are not eligible for return and will be sent back to you at your cost and expense if received by us:

Any product not purchased from

Any product without a valid, readable serial number, including but not limited to products with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number

Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product

Any product from which the posted code has been removed from its packaging

Any product that exhibits physical damage

Any product for which you have submitted a mail-in rebate

If you received a wrong product, a product with any quality problem, or too different from description on to accept, you can also return the product within 30 workdays from your payment at our cost. We can give you a full refund or change the product at your request after we received the package and confirmed the issue.If it is our or logistic company’s fault, or the customs policy that lead to a failure on receiving within 30 days after your payment, we would fully refund you unconditionally. However, if it is because incorrect information has been left by customer or rejection or unclaimed in time; we won’t be responsible for the problem. Please understand that.When your items arrive at our return office, our staffs will check the product and process your case. Please allow around 1 week for processing after your item is delivered at the product return office.

Dead/Defective On Arrival Return Process

i.e. - problems with your device - right out of the box

1. Email a description of the problem to us within 1 Week from the day of delivery.

2. If it is something that came broken from the factory (like a "crinkled" LCD screen, or overheating issue, or it won't turn on or boot, etc.) and it is in this condition when you take it out of the box, then we will send you the address to ship your product back to. Please don't ship your item back before getting a response from us. Furthermore, it must be a "mechanical" issue. I.E. something electronic that is broken. Firmware/Software problems are not covered under this warranty (i.e. "XYZ" APP does not work with this device...). While we try to provide as much information up front about what we have found out about devices that we don't like (for example, if HDMI-Out is "non-functional" out of the box or if "Skype" doesn't work...) we cannot test every app on the Android market. Firmware/Software issues are often resolved with time (applications get upgraded as does firmware which often improves compatibility). If you are counting on a specific feature or application that is not otherwise mentioned on the product page, feel free to email us about it before you buy and we will test it for you and email you back the results. We use these devices on a daily basis and don't mind helping a prospective customer make a decision. This also helps us update our product pages which helps other customers. We strive to communicate as much as possible (and accurately) about our devices before selling. We really only do strive to sell quality devices which keeps these kinds of problems "low." But these issues do crop up (even in major retail brands like HTC and Samsung) simply do to the nature of the Android ecosystem. If it is not an actual "defect" with your device (vs. a problem or incompatibility that is present in the particular model) then you are responsible for asking about it beforehand.

The device, all accessories, and its retail packaging must be present and intact aside from any of the issues described that it is being returned for. Lost or heavily damaged packaging/accessories will result in only a partial or NO refund unless those issues are original problems from the manufacturer and discussed beforehand.

The RMA Process & Three Easy Steps:

1. Get RMA Authorization after you submit a RMA request by visiting RMA request in My Account.

RMA request should include the below information: Order ID, SKU, the reason of sending back and post images, choose replacement or refund money and other your related concern.

2. Ship the return goods after you get the RMA authorization.

Once you ship return goods, please note the return item must be with original packing, accessories and shipping address from customer service center together with RMA authorization.
Notes: please offer tracking number for return shipment. won't take any responsibility for any missing return shipment.

3. Get the replacement or Refund. will arrange for resend or refund upon receiving your return package within 1-3 business days.

"Nothing is technically wrong with my device, but I want to return it."

This happens on occasion. You order a device expecting one thing, the device doesn't meet your expectations, you don't want to keep the device. Or... you order the device, get it, realize you shouldn't have spent the money, need the money for something else, want to return the device. This is the "return" policy for those kinds of situations when nothing is really wrong with the device, you just aren't happy with it or you don't want to keep it for some other reason.

1. Contact us within 1 week of receiving the device; explain your situation. Sometimes it is something we can resolve. If not, we will offer you a return shipping address.

2. You are responsible for the return shipping of the device + all accessories & original retail packaging minus small temporary things like the plastic protective wrap that covers many devices.

3. There is also a "restocking fee" of either $20 or 10% of the retail value of the returned goods, whichever is greater.

4. Upon receipt and inspection of the device and accessories, assuming everything is present and working, we will refund the purchase price of the returned goods less the restocking fee via Paypal.